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Still alive?

Is anyone still.. paying attention to this group? Found it by searching for Scott Lucas.

Anyone check 'em out at 115 Bourbon Street last night? Good show, not the best.. but still good.
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I am, but this is the first post I can recall.
It's been a while since I was really into H but .. I still am I suppose. They were always a hit or a miss for me, 1/2 the shows I've seen of theirs were really good the other half sucked....
where are you from? where'd you see most of their shows?


November 25 2007, 16:41:35 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  November 25 2007, 16:42:51 UTC

Technically speaking I'm from Massachusetts but I've lived in the Washington DC area for about 10 years now. I saw them at a place in DC called the Garage and that was back when Joe was in the band. It was AWESOME. Scott managed to hang from the balcony and climb all they way around the club. It made it even better that I ran into a friend of mine who ended up giving me a ride home :) I saw them three other times at a place called The Black Cat. Two of those times were really good. The second time I saw them (first at the Black Cat) the show was AMAZING, one of my all time favorite shows, though I got my buddy to go with me and spent all our money and we had to walk a few hours home because I bought a t shirt. D'oh. The other time I saw them Scott had a gorilla suit on. And the other time we ended up leaving early it was so bad. So hit or miss for me, but I've only seen them in the DC area.
I played "Birth, School, Work, Death" on the radio Monday.
Haha, that's awesome! Where's your station? College radio?
awwwh, U of I! i went to NIU.. where college radio didn't really exist :-/
i completely forgot about this group.


November 25 2007, 07:32:27 UTC 9 years ago

tiny 8 pound 6 ounce sweet little baby jesus just cried having heard that..
My band The Romeros opened up for them two years ago at Champs in Burbank. Quite a fun night. Ask me about it sometime.
That's awesome.. yeah, I saw the flyer you posted in this community. I bet that was a great show.

BTW, fun icon... it's def a little saddening that they postponed 24 indefinitely :-/
still gets updated sometimes when there's sufficient news to warrant it. it never really took off as a discussion/friendship sort of community, basically it's alway been myself or maybe one other person posting "if you go to ______________ you can read a blog from scott" or "here's the latest news. . ."

i started it in 2002 when HCTZ was coming out. I think the interest list is largely the same. I still like H quite a bit, but it gets wearing trying to maintain a community.
HCTZ was always my favorite album of theirs.
I'm a PUTC man, myself.
then PJ Soles.
I am also a big PUTC fan, as well.. and it goes without saying, AGAD is a fave :)
I thought I was all alone there. Sweet.

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I wish I knew about them back then.. friends and an ex intro'd me in 2004.. and have been a huge fan since..