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live local h audio and video

for anybody who doesn't read the local h board enough to have already seen my post there, i have started a website to host some of my live audio and video work.

most of the good stuff i have to show is local h stuff, so that's why this post is here. on my site, you'll find six videos from the 4/22/04 philly show. but these are better than just regular live videos. they're from the three-angle mix of the show that i'm working on. i have also posted four mp3s from my 4/29/04 atlanta, ga @ the echo lounge recording. this recording came out unexpectedly well, and it's still one of my favorites. there are also a few videos and mp3s from a couple of other bands on there if you're bored. i'll continue to add more stuff as i have time.

so yeah, have a look and/or listen and let me know what you think.
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